The Innovation

Smart-Indigo ™ makes the difference

From the cotton to the production of the denim fabric to the design. Making a single pair of jeans consumes a lot of resources and chemicals. So that the jeans get their typical blue color, the cotton yarn is dyed with blue indigo powder. For this purpose, toxic chemicals and heavy metals such as cadmium, chromium, mercury, lead and copper are used, which stick to the jeans after the dyeing process and can therefore also get onto the skin or into the environment.

Over a year, over 15 billion meters of denim fabric are manufactured worldwide and the demand grows. 66,000 tons of indigo powder are required to produce 15 billion meters of denim in various shades of blue. Powder that must be made water-soluble for the dyeing process with toxic chemicals. An environmentally friendly alternative to the conventional dyeing method is therefore urgently needed.

The ingenious innovation from Valais

The Valais company offers one of these Sedo Engineering SA. Its revolutionary Smart-Indigo ™ technology replaces toxic chemicals and heavy metals with electricity. As a result, 90% less CO2 is emitted during dyeing, 70% less energy is required and 30% less water is used - and the only waste material is oxygen.

The Smart Indigo ™ solution is the most sustainable way to dye denim.

That is why the technology was nominated for the Environment Prize of Business 2020.


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