Our Mission

Our approach in a nutshell:


Raise awarenessInfluenceMake you happy
Our main goal is to make people aware of the problem of pollution from the textile industry.With our innovative jeans we really make a difference and fight together against pollution.

The smart indigo jeans are not only produced fairly and sustainably, they are also fashionable.

A real Italian fashion jeans.

Our goal

Every year dyeing jeans releases a lot of toxic chemicals, heavy metals and other toxic substances into the environment via wastewater.

If no action is taken, the toxic chemicals will increasingly affect our ecosystems and our health.

That is why we are committed to a more sustainable, fair and environmentally friendly production of jeans.

Our role as a family business

Tesello is a young family business. We want to change the way we deal with the resources of nature in a positive way and you can support us in doing so. With our jeans we want to counteract the pollution of the environment.

Because we attach great importance to quality, our products have a long shelf life, are produced fairly and therefore offer an effective added value in the fight against global pollution.

Join our movement #besmartnow and help us to change the world in a sustainable way.

If you have any questions about our history, our vision, our product or if you want to get in touch with us, please write us to info@tesello.ch.